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RRG has the infrastructure to work within our client needs, developing the human connection to be a successful partner.

Applying best-practices, great listening skills and always working with integrity, urgency & professionalism.


Welcome! RRG Going Green!

RRG is Chicago’s premier boutique search firm. Since 1989, RRG has been successfully delivering relationship-driven, client-centric results. We apply recruiting industry best practices to complete assignments quickly and professionally. We offer a more consulting delivery capability for organizations requiring "out of the box" approaches to filling positions.

RRG Focus

Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals are truly passionate about recruiting. We take great pride in finding the right people for our clients’ needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our ability to identify candidates not likely to be responding to ads or circulating resumes is unmatched in the industry. Our detailed screening process results in only qualified and interested candidates being submitted for hire. In so doing, we augment your internal recruiting capabilities to achieve win-win scenarios every time.


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